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Get a list of form controls sorted by tab order

When you iterate through a collection of controls in a Microsoft Access form, the order of the list of controls that you end up with may not be sorted as you expect. Rather than being sorted by the tab index, the list will be sorted

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posted on: Jan 29, 2014 | author: Carl Connett

Determine if a value is in a VBA array

This function will return a True if a particular value is found in an array. It works with one-dimension arrays only.

For example, if astrCity is an array, you could check for the value Chicago like this:

If InArray(astrCity, “Chicago”) Then
        ' Run logic here.
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posted on: Jan 23, 2014 | author: Carl Connett

Find duplicates in a VBA array

This VBA function looks for duplicate values in an array.  If it finds some, it produces a list of the duplicated values.  It is a good example of how to loop through an array.

The argument needs to be an array.  Nulls in the array

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posted on: Jun 17, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

Using VBA to fill and manage a Microsoft Access list box

This set of VBA functions and MS Access example show how to use code to fill a list box, clear a list box, and retrieve selected items from a list box.

The code is composed of 4 functions:

ClearListBox() – Clears a list box.  It

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posted on: Jun 3, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

Generate a random set of characters using VBA function Rnd()

This VBA function uses the Randomize() and Rnd() functions to generate a random string of characters with a specific length.  The included Microsoft Access example applies the function to a simple form that can be used to create a password.

When the MS Access database

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posted on: May 15, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

Get the name and description of all MS Access database objects

This VBA procedure shows you how to create a simple list of the objects in a Microsoft Access database.  The list it creates includes the object type, object name, and object description, which can be parsed using the Excel file in the download.

Descriptions can

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posted on: Apr 24, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

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