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Tips To Help You With Microsoft Access

Put your MS Access database on autopilot

This example shows how to use a command line switch and a scheduled task to start a Microsoft Access application unattended and run some logic automatically. Perhaps you need a switchboard form to appear for users when they open a database during the day, but you want the database to open automatically at night, skip the switchboard, and run some logic. One option is to create separate front-end databases. Another option is to give the database an autopilot that runs at night. Here’s how.

Find duplicates in a VBA array

This VBA function looks for duplicate values in an array.  If it finds some, it produces a list of the duplicated values.  It is a good example of how to loop through an array. The argument needs to be an array.  Nulls in the array are ignored by the logic, and the...

Use a VBA collection to store messages

This set of procedures can be used in Microsoft Access to collect messages during a process to display to the user after the process is complete.  It provides a good example of how to use collections in VBA. For instance, you could track the progress of some...

Get the name and description of all MS Access database objects

This VBA procedure shows you how to create a simple list of the objects in a Microsoft Access database.  The list it creates includes the object type, object name, and object description, which can be parsed using the Excel file in the download. Descriptions can be...

Find where an object or code is used in a Microsoft Access database

There are very sophisticated search programs to help you find occurrences of an object name or a piece of code within a MS Access database.  I usually find that this VBA code is sufficient to do the job.  It looks in tables, queries, code modules, form and report...


Some operating systems block files that come from other computers. If you cannot get a downloaded file to work properly, right-click over the file, select the Properties option, and then click the Unblock button at the bottom of the General tab.


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