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What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a powerful and affordable database platform that provides user-friendly data entry forms, data analysis (as complex as you would like), customizable reporting, and integration with other Microsoft products.  You have probably seen it offered in your Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 suite, but you may not know how it is actually being used.  Read further for Part 4 of a series of real-world examples of how businesses use Microsoft Access.

Real Microsoft Access Database Projects

Here are a few of the Microsoft Access projects that Extra Mile Data has been directly involved in:

Chambers of commerce contact list for a management training organization.

Data collection and reporting for a company providing water purity scores for municipalities.

Tracking compliance for a forestry and land use consultancy.

Gas meter tracking, with email notifications and reporting, for a natural gas and crude oil midstream field services business.

Tracking disposal tickets, equipment cleaning, and billing for an oilfield waste management services company.

Employee tracking for an investment advisor and asset management company.

Reporting from site survey data collected (Comet Tracker, Caspio) during routine maintenance at hundreds of stores by a building services company.

Complete customer management and invoicing system for a rural internet provider.

Time tracking program for computer drafting projects, with invoicing.

Managing employee payroll information at a property management company.

Content scheduling database, with appointment setting in Outlook for a virtual education company.

Tracking endangered ferrets, vaccination records, and reporting for a government agency.

Complete real estate tracking database, with commissions reporting and document mail merges.

Complete oil and gas production program, with data entry forms, reports, charts, queries, criteria forms, extensive VBA logic, user roles, custom ribbons, and SQL Server to store the data.

Tracking boat charters and income, with reporting, for a fishing charters company.

Microsoft Access in Your Business

Don’t miss out on the powerful features of Microsoft Access!  Extra Mile Data can make Microsoft Access work for your business.  Call Carl at (505) 369-1650.

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