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What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a powerful and affordable database platform that provides user-friendly data entry forms, data analysis (as complex as you would like), customizable reporting, and integration with other Microsoft products.  You have probably seen it offered in your Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 suite, but you may not know how it is actually being used.  Read further for Part 6 of a series of real-world examples of how businesses use Microsoft Access.

Real Microsoft Access Database Projects

Here are a few of the Microsoft Access projects that Extra Mile Data has been directly involved in:

Database for an environment services company to track customers and the treatment of soil and groundwater containing volatile organic contaminants.

Work center data collection and reporting for a greeting card manufacturer.

Customer account, payment tracking, and reporting database for a funeral home and cremation service.

Data import, statistical analysis, charts, and reporting for a company providing geographic-specific automobile sales analysis.

Game score and player statistics tracking for a fantasy sports team organizing company.

Study, patient, and visit tracking for a clinical research company.

Safety compliance tracking for a poultry research and development company.

Tracking clients and assistance provided at a nonprofit community assistance organization.

Product tracking, with product compliance entry, improvement requests entry, product history, and quality data entry for a consumer packaging manufacturer.

Bison auction database for a government agency.

Property assessment database, with management company, property, and property income tracking. Annual assessment reporting with PDF creation and merging, and automatic emailing.

Vendor, product, work order, inventory, and accounts receivable tracking for a window covering company.

Database for tracking prices of a particular automotive brand for an enthusiast organization.

Source of funds and share class reporting for a securities broker-dealer.

Patient and services tracking for a speech therapy organization.

Microsoft Access in Your Business

Don’t miss out on the powerful features of Microsoft Access!  Extra Mile Data can make Microsoft Access work for your business.  Call Carl at (505) 369-1650.

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