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Get a list of form controls sorted by tab order

When you iterate through a collection of controls in a Microsoft Access form, the order of the list of controls that you end up with may not be sorted as you expect. Rather than being sorted by the tab index, the list will be sorted … Tags: Debug.Print, ribbon, Section, TabIndex,...read more

posted on: Jan 29, 2014 | author: Carl Connett

How to use VBA to minimize the Office 2007 Ribbon

If you’ve ever wished you could keep the Office Ribbon, but automatically minimize it to conserve space, this VBA function is for you.  The same technique works for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, etc. The function includes two pieces of logic.  The first piece checks to … Tags: Application, Command, ribbon,...read more

posted on: Nov 27, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

Find where an object or code is used in a Microsoft Access database

There are very sophisticated search programs to help you find occurrences of an object name or a piece of code within a MS Access database.  I usually find that this VBA code is sufficient to do the job.  It looks in tables, queries, code modules, … Tags: AccessObject, ControlType, CurrentDb, Debug.Print, Fields, QueryDefs, ribbon,...read more

posted on: Mar 10, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

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