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Get a list of form controls sorted by tab order

When you iterate through a collection of controls in a Microsoft Access form, the order of the list of controls that you end up with may not be sorted as you expect. Rather than being sorted by the tab index, the list will be sorted

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posted on: Jan 29, 2014 | author: Carl Connett

Scroll in a Microsoft Access text box using the mouse wheel

Microsoft Access does not have built-in mouse wheel scrolling in form text boxes. You can provide mouse wheel scrolling by writing some VBA code in the Form_MouseWheel() event procedure.

Trying to scroll in a text box can be particularly frustrating if the bottom of the

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posted on: Jan 27, 2014 | author: Carl Connett

Determine if a value is in a VBA array

This function will return a True if a particular value is found in an array. It works with one-dimension arrays only.

For example, if astrCity is an array, you could check for the value Chicago like this:

If InArray(astrCity, “Chicago”) Then
        ' Run logic here.
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posted on: Jan 23, 2014 | author: Carl Connett

How to time VBA procedures and create a log of elapsed time

This set of functions will let you track how long it took for one or more pieces of VBA code to run.  The logic includes three sections:  name and initialize the timer, end the timer, and write the results to a log file.

Here is

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posted on: Nov 5, 2013 | author: Carl Connett

Get total hours and minutes from summing columns of Hours and Minutes

This function can be used to return total hours or total minutes from a column of Hours and a column of Minute values.  For example, in the table below, an Hours value was captured separately from a Minutes value in a time clock application.  If

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posted on: Oct 22, 2013 | author: Carl Connett

Use VBA to add days to a date but exclude Saturday and Sunday

This function finds a date a certain number of days from a start date when weekends are not included. It can be used when your work week does not include Saturday and Sunday and you want to find a business day in the future. Microsoft

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posted on: Oct 8, 2013 | author: Carl Connett

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