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Use VBA to add days to a date but exclude Saturday and Sunday

This function finds a date a certain number of days from a start date when weekends are not included. It can be used when your work week does not include Saturday and Sunday and you want to find a business day in the future. Microsoft

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posted on: Oct 8, 2013 | author: Carl Connett

Use VBA to copy MS Access PivotTable values to the clipboard

This function uses a combination of Microsoft Access, VBA, and Microsoft Excel to transfer the values from an Access form in PivotTable view to the clipboard.  It is a good example of automation using late binding.

The Challenge

My goal was to automate the process

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posted on: Jul 7, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

Use VBA to return a column or row from a MS Excel range address

This VBA function returns the first row, last row, first column, or last column of a Microsoft Excel range address.  It is also a good example of using a custom enumerated type.

A typical range address is a string that defines a rectangle of cells. 

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posted on: Jul 7, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

Get the name and description of all MS Access database objects

This VBA procedure shows you how to create a simple list of the objects in a Microsoft Access database.  The list it creates includes the object type, object name, and object description, which can be parsed using the Excel file in the download.

Descriptions can

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posted on: Apr 24, 2009 | author: Carl Connett

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