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What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a powerful and affordable database platform that provides user-friendly data entry forms, data analysis (as complex as you would like), customizable reporting, and integration with other Microsoft products.  You have probably seen it offered in your Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 suite, but you may not know how it is actually being used.  Read further for Part 2 of a series of real-world examples of how businesses use Microsoft Access.

Real Microsoft Access Database Projects

Here are a few of the Microsoft Access projects that Extra Mile Data has been directly involved in:

Customer tracking, scheduling, invoicing, and inventory database for a mobile tire shop.

Course and instructor tracking for a law enforcement training company.

Inventory database for a company that manufactures pool pump products.

Customer and order tracking, with automatic address and zip code verification (using SmartyStreets), for a carpet cleaning service.

Database to track properties with overdue real estate taxes for a company providing financial solutions to home owners.

Analysis and reporting of retail data for a consumer goods company specializing in household products, consumer goods and personal care items.

Inventory database for a company that develops and manufactures tools for biomedical research and clinical diagnostics.

Rental collections database for a mobile home park.

Tracking product for a company creating audio guided tours for venues.

End cap management and scheduling system for a retail chain.

Product inventory reporting for a copper products manufacturer.

Database for an agency working with the unemployed.

Tracking site survey results for an IT company across hundreds of customer stores.

Homeschool registration database for a homeschool cooperative.

Database of customers, products, and product certificates, with reporting, for a milling company.

Microsoft Access in Your Business

Don’t miss out on the powerful features of Microsoft Access!  Extra Mile Data can make Microsoft Access work for your business.  Call Carl at (505) 369-1650.

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